About Us

American Masks Company was born as a response to the much needed facial covers that Americans need. We quickly pivoted and repurposed our apparel supply lines that we've been working with for years into facial covers, hired dozens of new staff members, and began sewing, printing, and shipping covers out of our Houston, Texas manufacturing facility. Our owners are online veterans who come from the apparel and textile world. We are helping revitalize American Manufacturing and get more workers back to work. Additionally, for every 1 mask you purchase, we donate 2. This is a small token of our appreciation for supporting our social venture. American Masks company is a new store online, but is backed and built by very reputable business owners who joined forces to build this online store in a matter of days.We thank you so much for your continued support and each purchase goes a long way, not only for our website staff, but our labor workers in the factory, alongside the charities we support.